Meat Shop

by Waxahachie

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The third and final release from WAXAHACHIE, the latest home recording project by guitarist Duane Rubinowits. Waxahachie encompasses three albums of material recorded from 2006-2014.


released September 11, 2014

Duane Rubinowits: Ele & Acou Guitar, Bass, Keys, Dulcimer, Voice

With a bounty of aid from the usual and unusual suspects.

Tragic Jack Jorgenson: Vocals, Add'l Guitar & Bass
Pat Carmody: Ele Guitar solos

Corey Ruffin
Jimi Ployhar
DJ Pitch Intense
Bram Iverson
Floyd Bender
Trixie Vader

Jeremy Serwer - Vocals, Add'l Gtr on Be Happy, Shut Up
Matt Radowski - Hammond B3
Jungle Todd - Bass on The Empty Street
Will Marshall - Add'l Ele Rhy Gtr on The Creep Across the Street
DeJuan Skelton - Add'l Bass on Fruits of Veg. Manip.
Brian Kubes, John Watson, Dave Racket - Drums

All Songs by Duane Rubinowits - Crusty Spatula Music
Mixed by Jeremy Serwer
Mastered by Josh Milne



all rights reserved


Waxahachie Seattle, Washington

Duane Rubinowits hails from the region a chicken's throw below the web of skin betwixt the index finger and thumb, in the topography that is Michigan.

Residing in Seattle since 1992 (excluding a brief reversion back to Michigan
for six years).

MEAT SHOP marks the 12th independent release of a 30 year recording pursuit.
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Track Name: Entitlism
Subjectivism uber-alles
Is what it's all about for you
An entitlist mentality
An unfortunate on-going reality
Like unflattering travel pictures
What less can I say?
You're an entitlist-you must have your own way

You hang out with antinomian libertines
Who calm their stomachs with salt-free saltines
Acquiring anything they want by any means
And apparently without salt

You're a hapless lay-about
Wasting all the child support
And double dipping the government
You ostensibly got some extra gov't gumbo
And time to work on your Find & Circle Jumbo
Eating up yer gov't gumbo
Track Name: The Power of Little
The power of less
Compels you to do more
More or less
Depending on what you've already done
Depending on what you already did

The power of less
Compels you to do little
And so you've done
You've done very little

The power of little
Is even less than the power of less
Yet more than the power of naught
When little is less than not

But the power of little
Is more cryptic than vague
And be sure of it, go forth and such
Trust the power of not much

Is it hard to think about why you do it-
When you do it without thinking?
Cuz that's what it looks like you're doing
Like something that could even harm the public
Track Name: West Michigan Seniors Bowling Association
Like cereal on Saturday - I find no consternation
Tracking the progress of the West Mi. Seniors Bowling Assoc.

There must be something wrong with her
She's always smiling
She's bowled for 85 years
Centered her days around light meals and light beers
And been a member of the WMSBA

They have meetings, they talk, make decisions
One member went to Vegas with an Internet luna-chick
Had a heart attack and called a taxi
That's what he usually did but this time he died

The extensive cost of an ambulance also informed his preference for a cab

Setting a course for her day by lucky-dipping in her American bible
Wrenching text out of context for her distorted pretext
Like someone who refuses to use a calendar
Track Name: Be Happy, Shut Up
Be happy and shut up for what you don’t have
You coulda got a terrible plague
Don’t be so cavalier with this but not that
Not everything can be solved with a hat

Time don’t go no faster
When yer doing something wrong
Just feels like a hand coming down twarn’t be too long
For what you don’t have be happy and glad
Was easy when none was had
Like people who take their pets to work so work won’t seem so bad
Be happy and shut up
You get to take your pet to work

You can be happy when you got nothing to do
Dast if yer apt to be working blue
Don’t be so cavalier with this but not that
Not everything can be solved with a cat
For what you don’t have be happy and glad
Like people who take their pets to work so work won’t seem so bad