The Cosmic Quid Pro Quo

by Waxahachie

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The Cosmic Quid Pro Quo is the second album from WAXAHACHIE, the latest home recording project by guitarist Duane Rubinowits. On this album there is a tenuous pursuit for a vague and scattered encouragement for at least a fragmentary, yet efficacious, discussion of the individual's conscious (yet usually and quite profoundly subconscious and subjectively wrought) tit-for-tat pursuit with the Transcendental Signified (aka The Cosmic Quid Pro Quo).

The songs are much like the previous album, inherently nesting in a purposefully non-commercial strata of math-ish rock, pseudo-jazz, and an irreverent whatever-ness. The lineup is essentially the same but with a different drummer and some new participants.


released September 1, 2013

Waxahachie is:
Duane Rubinowits - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

With inestimable assistance and voluminous generosity from:

Pat Carmody - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar
Steve Riley - Drums
Corey Ruffin - Horns, Vocals
Tragic Jack Jorgenson - Vocals, Add'l Bass & Guitar
DeJuan Skelton - Vocals, Add'l Bass
Matt Radowski - Vocals, Sitar
Floyd Bender - Add'l Guitar, Bass & Vocals
Jimi Ployhar, Jeremy Serwer, Bram Iverson, DJ Pitch Intense - Vocals
Anthony Passonno, Ray Shafer - Add'l Keys
The Fremont Three - Add'l Vocals

All Songs by Duane Rubinowits - Crusty Spatula Music
Mixed by Jeremy Serwer
Mastered by Justin Freund
Album Cover Design by Samuel Ford Briggs III



all rights reserved


Waxahachie Seattle, Washington

Duane Rubinowits hails from the region a chicken's throw below the web of skin betwixt the index finger and thumb, in the topography that is Michigan.

Residing in Seattle since 1992 (excluding a brief reversion back to Michigan
for six years).

MEAT SHOP marks the 12th independent release of a 30 year recording pursuit.
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Track Name: We Spend Money
You can bet your life, your home
Everything you own
Toiling in unending despair
Decrying about whether or not it's all fair

An obstacle to reality
The banality of this duality
Or an exercise is neo quasi-personality

We spend money
That we don't have
On the things that we don't need
To impress people we don't know
To impress people who don't care
Track Name: Happy Or Right?
With rampant mood swings - she will crush his dreams
She will do such things - to control extremes
She'd rather be happy than be right
I'd rather be right than be happy
Cuz if I am right then I will be happy
Happy even though she will not go
She will not go, she just won't go

A great place to go for a spell or spot
Is anywhere that she is not
But now if you must
Ask yourself be you rather happy than be right
If so lock the one you live with up at night
Up at night, she'd rather be happy than be right
I'd rather be right than be happy
For if I'm right - I'll then be happy
Track Name: The End Before It Began
Of you I've scant interest in
And how can I begin
To explain how the end was at end
Before it began

That's how fast it started to end
It was the end before it began

Each day I found you could not get worse
Then the next day I found you could
You gave the worst of both worlds

That's how fast it started to end
It was the end before it began
Actually it was you not me
Don't take it pejoratively
Don't take it personally
Track Name: Zodiac Panic
We're too ill-at-ease to do
Anything we used to do
Your omnipresent elbow in my back
Our Zodiac Panic
Track Name: Back to Where and When I Was
With us, all of us I've low expectations
Too familiar with our erroneous zones
I'm going back to where and when I was
Cuz yer a highly organized Virgo
Finding you more vain than Rousseau

Everything got weird once you started producing that strange fire

Gotta get back to where and when I was
And yer at the top of my To Don't list
Oh I'll be getting back to where I when and was
And I'm also waiting til I get to Heaven to ride a horse
You'll see how and know why it does
I'm getting back to where and when I was
Track Name: Utter Quackery
Utter quackery
Like people who smile at policeman
Utter quackery
When you say I say things when I don't

It's not you - it's me
But don't take it personally
Ok, maybe it's you
But don't take it personally
It's utter quackery

He didn't pick up a penny he saw on the sidewalk
He left it for an even bigger loser than himself
Like the kind of a guy who would ask a woman out-
While he was looking at her car that she had listed for sale in the newspaper
Track Name: This Rigged Game
I can't get past the Past
I keep looking back
Consumed with regret
I just can't forget
The view from my cage
I see so much that is crude
Like when the Bros. Lopez served inauthentic Mexican food

The difference between me and you
Is the difference between cement and glue
I don't know why but I know it's true
And for that this means
For that this means this is a rigged game

You got to name it and claim it
Blab it and grab it
Confess to possess
You doubt you go without

This life is set up for you to lose
No matter what you might choose
So thank God for good luck and chance

I can't get past the Past
I keep looking back
This inner struggle of fate wretched and complex
Don't ever ask what's...
Thank God for good luck...
And - Don't ever ask what's next (what now?)
Track Name: The Grand Scam of Things
A man convinced against his will
Is of the same opinion still
Some cosmopolitan angle of enlightenment
Persuades you of your entitlement
Unknowing in what it brings
Unknowing it's the grand scam of things

Capitulating to the spirit of the age
And what it brings
Unwilling to accept your wish is not the bell that rings
Unwilling to accept it's the grand scam of things
Track Name: You Remind Me of Detroit
I'm open to new ideas
Just not any of yours
And I'm not sure what you're planning
But plan to keep me out
You're a hyper-skanky maladroit
And you remind me of Detroit

You remind me of Detroit
But not in a good way
You remind me of Detroit

There's a bigger part of me
For a better part of you
When that shines through
You'll know what I'll do
Until then cram it up yer chrome
Get up, get out, go back home